This asset was initially a personal project, later developing into a collaborative portfolio piece with lighting artists Jaratchai Chongjaroenjai and Elisa Sanguin, and compositors Chris Fryer and Matt Hutchins.

In creating this piece, I hoped to stretch my generalist muscles and create this machine-creature to a high standard in terms of model fidelity, texture work and motion.

Above is a video showing the look development and features of the model, as well as a selection of shots from the project.

When the project turned into a live-action integration piece, I expanded the CG side to include various dynamics systems such as ground interaction and a fleshy, torn leg to introduce a narrative element into the work. A demonstration of all of the above can be seen below with a first-pass test animation.

As shown in the demo, I was able to pack lots of features into the rig of this asset. One of these is the irises, which dilate in relation to the rotation of an HDRI or light rig, and the head.