I have been lucky enough to currently be working on a full-CG short as a degree project with five other talented individuals. For my role as head of build, I have created most 3D assets in the film from the ground up including a stylised butterfly named Barbara, a macro-detail branch and a scalable procedural system for shading the forest surroundings.

The progress thread for our film on 3DHIT can be found here.

Below is some of my work on the film.

Butterfly: responsible for all except groom (Lisa Mae Evans) and rigging on the blue variant (Giorgio Pennisi).

WIP render of the foreground tree asset.

An earlier version of the whole branch – the procedural shader used here has since been art directed further.

Forest: responsible for lookdev and layout. Tree models created procedurally by James Goodey.

My animation work for a shot in the film, plus chrysalis simulation. 

Vimeo password: wings